Data Center & Fiber Circuits


We can’t express how important this is. Redundancy means transport, core, and carrier.

  • Transport: We have two points of egress into the property. Our fiber for the primary point of egress and our microwave for backup makes us the only provider to have this capability. If the fiber is down, traffic will route real-time over wireless, while the fiber is fixed. MDU’s have to stay up.
  • Core: Gigsouth’s multiple core data centers provide optimal traffic routing and load balancing between wireless and fiber networks.
  • Carrier: It is important to ensure that you are not stung by outages. We own our own IP space, advertise our IPs over many other provider networks, and load balance resulting in the lowest latency. Being carrier neutral has so many advantages from redundant routing to network uptime.


Our white glove support is one of a kind for residents and property management. Personal support creates that Class A experience within your properties, while others seem to make Support a second thought.


The new standard for routing IP traffic and is imperative for fast streaming, gaming, and remote connections. Unfortunately, captive portals will not allow an IPv6 environment. This is another reason why a wired connection to each unit as primary is preferred method for us.

Net Neutrality

We will remain net neutral and never bandwidth restrict our customers.

Faster Peering / No Service Restriction

Peering means you have a direct connection to their server instead of the connection being over the Internet. Large providers bandwidth restrict a lot of services that consumers care about, mostly video applications like Netflix. We do the opposite; instead, prioritize these services. We have taken it a step further and peer with most of them.

Low Latency / Low Jitter

Latency and Jitter are terms that most providers do not care to mention, mainly because they have poor latency. We simply have the lowest latency and jitter in the market. Having low latency is great for streaming and gaming applications.

Nationwide Network

Besides having our own fiber and microwave network, we have the advantage of being carrier neutral. This gives us the ability to push our content over many major fiber networks, thus giving us the ability to reach nearly every major market in the US without sacrificing quality or standards.

Experience You Can Trust

Experience the most important of all. This is our 22nd year of providing enterprise and carrier grade solutions. We study the market to stay ahead of the curve for broadband delivery.

SLA and Easements

ur SLA (Service Level Agreement) actually favors the property by default in order to protect you and your investment. These guarantees give peace of mind for owners and developers in case we do not perform. No other provider offers an SLA in a residential setting, much less, one that favors the consumer.


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