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22 Years of Experience

GigSouth is a full service, carrier neutral, fiber provider and engineering consultant for rural and urban broadband development. As bandwidth availability increases in urban markets, the digital divide grows between urban and rural areas. However, Internet and TV frustrations don’t exist just for rural markets.

Any of us that live or have friends and family that live in rural markets, understand that choice, Internet speed, Service value, and pricing rarely does not exist in a rural setting. We are actively trying to change that. In urban markets, the problem is normally exclusivity, due to the lack of shared infrastructure, which limits consumer choice and value. There are many people reading this that personally own or have friends that own an expensive condo in a city, complain about paying $200+ a month for Internet and TV, and still have poor service and support.

At GigSouth, we feel your pain and are proud to have been helping make telecommunications easy and affordable for a long time. Our long list of advantages is mainly due to us actually caring about the consumer. This is simply not a shared philosophy by others, where they tend to focus on shareholders and stock price instead. Our team has a long list of residential industry first to market: property-wide Wi-Fi solutions since 2001, hosted residential voice with IVR and online console since 2002, Triple play provider since 2002, Gigabit to the consumer since 2007 (Google made it popular but old news for us), and still the only provider with a fully redundant core. We feel our long history of experience and accomplishments go a long way to creating a better experience for you now and into the future.


Enterprise wireless solutions for communities needing infrastructure and Internet upgrades to offer a better alternative to their existing incumbent provider.

Many communities struggle to find viable solutions to upgrade their old wiring infrastructure in order to stay current with the ever increasing consumer data demands. The majority of communities have run out of patience for waiting for existing provider to improve services. The market praises FTTx, but what happens when fiber ends? Rewiring your entire facility may not be financially or physically feasible. Our wireless PtP and PtMP solutions are the cure for last mile connectivity challenges.


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