We offer enterprise wireless solutions for communities needing infrastructure and Internet upgrades as a better alternative to their existing incumbent provider. Many communities struggle to find viable solutions to upgrade their old wiring infrastructure in order to stay current with the ever increasing consumer data demands. The majority of communities have run out of patience waiting for existing providers to improve services. The market praises FTTx, but what happens when fiber ends? Rewiring your entire facility may not be financially or physically feasible. Our wireless PtP and PtMP solutions are the cure for last mile connectivity challenges.

Cost Effective

Resident retention due to low Internet price point Faster Speeds for tenants Faster Deployment as compared to rewiring your entire facility Not intrusive to landscape Frequency in a non-congested spectrum to not interfere with Wi-Fi Redundant connections: Unlike FTTH Gigabit+ Connectivity – Future proof Revenue Potential for Property Owner/Management White glove support

No Power No Problems

Functions during power outages – FTTH usually means that service will be out during a power outage. Using wireless powered by battery backup from central locations allows us to centrally power each device using PoE.


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